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Sommer Cable 200-0101 Microphone Cable Black Sheath 23 AWG

Sommer Cable SC-SOURCE MKII HIGHFLEX Microphone Cable – Sommer Cable 200-0101, The Sommer Cable 200-0101 is a SC-SOURCE MKII HIGHFLEX Microphone Cable. This cable was originally developed for the manufacturers of professional studio microphones, e.g. BPM and Schoeps. Their demands for top quality, helped Sommer Cables to create a professional and yet affordable studio microphone cable.SC-SOURCE is 100% shielded through the use of dense copper spiral shielding and a robust braided fleece around the wire pairs (FRNC-version with AL-foil). The fleece is vaporized on both sides with a conductive aluminium layer. This guarantees endurance of 100% shielding even with strong wear.This cable should be used wherever electrical sources could interfere with audio and data transmission. The fine 0.05mm copper stranding (PVC version) makes it a very popular cable for outdoor transmission and mobile application. Application: Professional studio and microphone technology, Outdoor transmission/Outside Broadcast Van, Enduring stage application. Sommer Cable 200-0101 Microphone Cable Black Sheath 23 AWG

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