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Wima FKP1R021505F00KS FKP1 0.015uF ±10% 1250V Radial Polypropylene…

Wima FKP1 Series Radial Polypropylene Capacitors 10% – Wima FKP1R021505F00KS, A 1250V 15nF capacitor from the Wima FKP1 series of radial polypropylene capacitors. Designed for pulse applications, the capacitor has metal foil electrodes and schoopage contacts as well as internal series connection for a high current carrying capability. Suitable for high pulse and high frequency applications e.g. switch mode power supplies, converter in drives and power electronics, deflection systems in monitors, and televisions, electronic ballasts, etc. Wima FKP1R021505F00KS FKP1 0.015uF ±10% 1250V Radial Polypropylene Capacitor

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